P0868 infiniti

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P0868 infiniti

A quick summary of my question: my car is diagnosed with these error codes;P, P and P Do I need to replace the transmission? Or a transmission specialist would be able to fix the issues? If yes, how to approach for fixing the issues? Scenario that made me to scan the car for issues.

P0868 Auto Trouble Code

I recently purchased the car listed above for Christmas. I noticed that after driving for more than thirty to forty minutes in side the city, there was little delay in the acceleration when I depress the accelerator.

I checked with a mechanic and he said it is okay and nothing to worry. As it is my first car, I believed him. However, the car was not moving forward! I turned off the car and after an hour started it and this time, the car moved. However, after couple of minutes, I noticed that the power is very less from the car now and the car is not able to climb elevations!

I immediately took to Nissan and they scan the car and told me that I have to go for a new transmission, which costs more than the amount I paid for the car. Do you. This is a CVT transmission which are fairly new on market so cost will be higher to fix them. Find a transmission shop that works on them as a lot of guys are not in tune with them yet. Manufacturers are slow to teach outside mechanics about them.

The two codes are listed in picture for causes, but is the step motor which means it works okay electrically, but mechanically there is something wrong. It is kind of hard to believe that Nissan would charge more than what you paid for the car unless the person selling it knew of a problem and dumped. There are always junk yards if you do not want to have it rebuilt, but check with a transmission shop first. Was this answer. Hi HMAC, thanks for responding.We recommend Torque Pro.

p0868 infiniti

However, this pressure is not constant, and in some cases, pressure is temporarily relieved when certain transmission are moved. In a fully functional system, an internal pressure pump that is most often driven by the engine provides the pressure.

The pressurized fluid is then directed by the PCM into various hydraulic passages via electronically controlled solenoids and other valves to cause the transmission to shift. Thus, when the pressure falls below a limit set by the manufacturer, the PCM or TCM Transmission Control Module is no longer able to initiate gearshifts, since a set minimum pressure is required to initiate a gearshift on the one hand, and to maintain the gear selection on the other hand.

To maintain a selected gear, the transmission fluid pressure must be sufficient to keep the currently selected clutch pack from slipping. To monitor the transmission fluid pressure, all transmissions are fitted with pressure-sensitive sensors that transmit the actual fluid pressure to the PCM on a continuous basis.

In most cases, this sensor is supplied with a 5-volt reference voltage by the PCM.

p0868 infiniti

As the fluid pressure changes, the resistance in the sensor also changes, with more or less current known as the signal voltage passed back to the PCM. The PCM interprets the received signal voltage as pressure, and will set code P and illuminate a warning light when it senses that the transmission fluid pressure has fallen below a specified value.

Note that in some cases, the PCM may also initiate a fail-safe or limp mode in order to protect the transmission. While the transmission fluid pressure sensor is always located on the transmission casing, most transmissions are fitted with a variety of other sensors as well, which can sometimes make it difficult to identify the fluid pressure sensor correctly. Therefore, non-professional mechanics are strongly urged to refer to the manual to identify the fluid pressure sensor correctly to avoid a misdiagnosis.

The image below shows a typical transmission fluid pressure sensor, but note that the appearance and location of this sensor varies greatly between applications. Note that in these cases, labor charges vary greatly, so shop around for the best rate per hour. Be aware though that replacing a transmission can take from about four hours, to more than ten hours, depending on the application and how much reprogramming of control modules needs to be performed.

Code P should be considered as serious by default, since fatal transmission damage could occur if the code is not resolved in a timely manner. Ideally, vehicles on which code P is present should not be driven, since there is a possibility that the transmission could fail, or enter a limp mode unexpectedly.

This could cause crashes if the vehicle should suddenly lose power while driving in traffic.

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How difficult this code is to repair depends on the nature of the problem. For instance, merely testing and replacing the fluid pressure sensor should not present the average non-professional mechanic with undue difficulties. However, diagnosing other failures such as mechanical issues within the transmission itself requires removal and disassembly of the transmission, which are procedures that are best left to the dealer or another competent repair facility. NOTE: A dedicated transmission fluid pressure gauge could be helpful to diagnose this code.

In these cases, the better option is to refer the vehicle to the dealer or other competent repair facility for professional diagnosis and repair.

Record all fault codes present, as well as all available freeze frame data. This information can be of use should an intermittent fault be diagnosed later on. NOTE: If other codes are present along with P and these codes precede P, resolve these codes in the order in which they were stored before attempting a diagnosis of this code.

Failure to do this will result in a misdiagnosis. Assuming that there are no additional codes present and that the transmission is user-serviceable, check the fluid level and condition as a first step. If the fluid level is low, fill the transmission to the proper mark as per the instructions in manual.

Clear all codes after topping off the fluid level and operate the vehicle for one complete drive cycle before rescanning the system to see if the code returns. Thus, if the fluid level is low, there must be a fluid leak present, which must be repaired before the vehicle is placed back into service.Password Forgot Password?

Join Us! Engine Light On? Visit AutoCodes. Nissan guys I didn't find too much info about fixing the Engine Speed Sensor We have a Nissan that we are having problems with. We bought the car used with 70k on it, so we don't know the total history of the car. So I am not sure if it had any of the recalls done. The car quit running and wouldn't start at all, so we replaced the crankshaft, and camshaft position sensors. Well the car starts now but not like it should The guy at Autozone mentioned that we probably need to remove the tranny and replace the TCM.

If it is on the outside, can we see it to check the connections? Would this be the problem with the car starting poorly? But our main concern is fixing the tranny P engine speed sensor Thanks for any help! You did replace 2 sensors right? The cam sensor and the crank sensor? Usually you will find oil in the connector for the crank sensor this needs to be cleaned out or the sensor will not read correctly.

The p code is from the crank sensor. It measures engine speed not transmission speed. Also you will want to put the updated sensor in for the crank sensor. The aftermarket ones are the defective ones that Nissan stopped selling. Originally Posted by mpePassword Forgot Password? Join Us! Engine Light On? Visit AutoCodes. Murano that won't move and code P Yesterday morning my Mo went into limp mode and threw a P code.

After I parked, it will not move any more, the engine just dies when I put it in gear. I cleared the code but the cvt still is dead. HAs anyone been through this?? I saw the one post that explained what the code means. I was wondering if anyone has had this problem and had it fixed. Or can help locating and testing the components like the input and output speed sensors and the cvt solinoids. Here is what is in the Nissan Repair Manual for P Most likely, they will have to see your Murano.

Good Luck! The pressure control solenoid valve A line pressure solenoid valve regulates the oil pump discharge pressure to suit the driving condition in response to a signal sent from the TCM. Unexpected gear ratio was detected in the LOW side due to excessively low line pressure.

Output speed sensor Secondary speed sensor. Input speed sensor Primary speed sensor. Always drive vehicle at a safe speed. Be careful not to rev engine into the red zone on the tachometer.

P0868 INFINITI - Secondary Pressure Down

Start engine and maintain the following conditions for at least 10 consecutive seconds. CVT, "Diagnostic Procedure". Monitor item Condition Display value Approx. I own a Murano that is now at the dealer awaiting special attention from a tech rep. I believe I have the same problemwhen you put it into drive and step on the gas pedal it dies.

Dankol Visit photo album. Sounds like your problem started slow!

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Mine was always fine and then went to never moving again within 20 miles. The Dealer told me that they have very little info on these trannies, they checked the solinoid pack then ordered a new trans. Just got it back thursday. Rolling again!! BB code is On. Smilies are On. Forum Rules.

All times are GMT The time now is PM. Contact Us - Nissanhelp.This can happen for multiple reasons and a mechanic needs to diagnose the specific cause for this code to be triggered in your situation.

Our certified mobile mechanics can come to your home or office to perform the Check Engine Light diagnostic. Transmission fluid serves to lubricate the transmission, and for vehicles with automatic transmissions, to cool the transmission system as well. When the powertrain control module PCM detects that the pressure of the transmission fluid is either too high or too low, the P trouble code will be triggered.

When the P trouble code is detected, the check engine soon Warning Light will usually illuminate. The vehicle may also emit a strong burning smell from the overheating transmission, and may begin to smoke as well. The transmission may also fail, or may constantly slip. A trained mechanic will use the scanner to assess the freeze frame data.

p0868 infiniti

This allows the technician to gather information about the P code, and search for other trouble codes that may be present as well. If no drivability issues have been detected by the mechanic beforehand, the codes should be reset and the vehicle restarted, to see if the P trouble code returns.

If the code does not return, it was likely triggered incorrectly. If the P trouble code remains, the mechanic should first inspect the transmission fluid levels.

If the fluid is low, it should be assumed that there is a leak in the system, and the mechanic should begin searching for where the leak is coming from. Depending on the location of the leak, it may be able to be repaired, and the issue resolved.

However, many areas of leakage suggest further damage to the transmission, which will need to be removed and possibly rebuilt or replaced. If the transmission fluid level is normal, the mechanic should check to see if the transmission temperature sensors are faulty. Only after checking the sensors should the technician search for more severe issues, such as transmission failure or a malfunctioning PCM. After the problem has been identified and repaired or replaced, the codes should once again be reset, and the vehicle restarted, to make sure that the issue is fully resolved.

The most common mistake that is made during P code diagnosis is the failure to follow the basic OBD-II trouble code diagnosis protocol in the right order. Not adhering to the protocol can cause anything from extra time and trouble, to misdiagnosis. One common issue comes when mechanics fix a leak in the system, without assessing whether or not the transmission has been damaged.

Codes: P1778, P0746 and P0868

Failure to properly inspect the transmission during P code diagnosis can cause severe issues in the transmission. The P code is very serious, because of the damage that it can cause to the transmission. Even if a car is operating normally, it should not be driven when the P code is detected.This can happen for multiple reasons and a mechanic needs to diagnose the specific cause for this code to be triggered in your situation.

Our certified mobile mechanics can come to your home or office to perform the Check Engine Light diagnostic. The P code appears when the PCM detects an irregularity in the electronic pressure control solenoid circuit. With an automatic transmission, varying amounts of hydraulic pressure are used to provide torque converter lockup and shift actuation. Usually, a Check Engine Light will come on too, but this is another element that differs across all makes and models.

For some, this type of incident has to repeat more than once before the light will come on. There are no set symptoms that always occur in regards to the P Their ability to shift may also be greatly limited or even disabled altogether. When the engine idles or is coming to a stop, it could stall out.

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A number of other trouble codes are associated with P These codes are related to issues with things like converter clutch, shift solenoid, gear ratio, etc. Your mechanic will also want to look at all the wires that assist the pressure control solenoid. Other electrical components, like the connectors, will be important to inspect too. The high pressure pump will need to go through examination as well.

Nissan P0868 Transmission Fluid Pressure Low

Instead, wiring malfunctions and faulty electronic pressure control solenoids are far more likely to be responsible for a P code. This should serve as a reminder to carry out a thorough diagnosis before proceeding with any permanent measures.


If your vehicle needs repairs, let YourMechanic Help. Just complete this online form or call us up at With YourMechanic you can skip the auto shop altogether. They send certified and screened mechanics straight to your door and enable you to save big on car repair and maintenance. Cost of diagnosing the P code. No more waiting rooms!The most common symptom of a failed crankshaft position sensor on a Nissan is that the car hesitates to start or the car stalls after it starts.

In some cases, it may require that you crank the car for a long time to get it to start. When a crankshaft position sensor fails, your Nissan not only will hesitate to start or may not start at all but the check engine light will turn on.

Below you will find instructions on how to replace the crankshaft position sensor on a Nissan 3. Remove the old crankshaft position sensor on your Nissan.

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Install the new crankshaft position sensor in reverse order. If check engine light is on, use an OBD2 scanner to read the codes and clear them if they are in stored status. If not other codes are present, the check engine light should reset on their own within a few driving cycles. One the most common ways to verify that the crankshaft position sensor on a Nissan is bad is to read the fault codes from the ECU.

This is a very simple procedure and requires an OBD2 code reader. Nissan crankshaft position sensors vary between model years. To find cheap Nissan crankshaft position sensor check prices here and here. Filter results by year and model to find the right crankshaft position sensor for your Nissan. We pull together the knowledge of experts and feedback from members like you to create the best possible resource.

I found the dealership that "replaced" my sensor installed it with metal debris on the end causing a misfire. Cleaned it with paper towel, reinserted, and voila! Symptoms The most common symptom of a failed crankshaft position sensor on a Nissan is that the car hesitates to start or the car stalls after it starts. What you will need Nissan Crankshaft Position Sensor.

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