Outlook something went wrong adding account

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Outlook something went wrong adding account

Keep in touch and stay productive with Teams and Officeeven when you're working remotely. This article is for Outlook. If you're using Outlook for Windows, see Fixes or workarounds for recent issues in Outlook for Windows.

If you're having problems accessing Outlook. If you're having problems sending or receiving email, read how to Fix Outlook. We are aware that some users may not be able to receive email from Gmail accounts. We are investigating a possible problem.

If Gmail. Expand the folder pane only when you need it. This will give the screen more space to show the folders. If deleted email comes back, it could be because you have deleted a lot of email recently.

Something went wrong - unable to add new accounts Outlook 2016

Please try again later. Some customers may not be able to see their ProfileAccount or Sign Out options when selecting their picture on the top toolbar. Some Firefox users may be able to solve the problem by clearing cookies and site data. Learn how. Select the? Once you have signed in and have a browser window open, then the links will work. Learn more about how to contact support when using the Help Pane. Exclude Outlook. Refresh your browser to load Outlook. If you are having issues sending email, this might be due to validation issues with your Microsoft Account.

Make sure you accept the Terms Of Use, if requested. If you're still unable to send or receive email, read how to Fix Outlook. After connecting to Outlook for Windows Outlook, versions to your Outlook. This issue only impacts customers using Outlook for Windows.

Emails sent via Outlook. The Outlook client does not currently support using a non Microsoft domain primary alias. For the time being to get the account to work in Outlook you need to change the primary alias to a Microsoft domain account, such as outlook. The Outlook Team is doing work that will enable some supported use of aliases in the near future.

We will update this topic as soon as the functionality is available. This issue occurs for users with multiple account aliases. We are actively working on a fix. In the meantime, to fix this issue, please do the following:. Then choose the option "Create a new email address and add it as an alias". In Outlook for Windows, remove and re-add the account.

See the steps in this article: Add your Outlook.I have looked and cannot find specific mention of this issue and it has stumped me. We are running for around users.

The odd thing is this issue is specific to Outlookas I have no issues adding the accounts to older versions of Office oldestnative iPhone mail app, even the Windows 10 Mail app will successfully add the account as Exchange and sync calendar info. I am experiencing this with all users across all devices running Office on Windows 7 and Are there any known issues with this or fixes? To add to the frustration, Microsoft seems to have removed manual configuration for these account types in Outlook It was removed from Outlook because Autodiscover needs to be set up correctly in order for other stuff to work properly, not just new account creation.

So that's where you need to start -- your autodiscover settings are wrong. The first thing i would try is to manually remove all traces out Office and then reinstall I believe we had one machine that had similar behavior and after finding all traces and starting fresh everything worked. Thank you for this response. I was able to determine that the issue was related to our hosting changing MX mail configuration settings for no good reason.

To continue this discussion, please ask a new question. Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks. Best Answer. John Mar 1, at UTC. We found 5 helpful replies in similar discussions:. Fast Answers! Chad Jan 15, Was this helpful?

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Jeff W. Apr 15, Also, make sure your autodiscover DNS entry is still valid. Any DNS changes recently? See all 5 answers. Popular Topics in Microsoft Office. Spiceworks Help Desk.

The help desk software for IT. Track users' IT needs, easily, and with only the features you need.The user has office business premium, we've never had an issue before with this.

Please try again. If the problem continues, contact your email administrator. Uninstalling Office, restarting, logging into office. I then logged in as the admin to see if it was profile related and opened outlook, it allowed me to sign in with his account. Because of this I thought it may be his profile, so I deleted him from the registry, restarted and signed in as him, opened outlook Is that normal? Found the solution.

It's the Godaddy Cpanel hosting. If you're running Officeyou can't use Godaddy Cpanel hosting apparently. Some of have had success changing the Email Routing setting to Remote but that did not work for me. Outlook will look for the autodiscover. Because Godaddy responds to it even with the message that it can't be used because it's a remote domainoutlook sees the response and thinks it's not working. It never looks for the Office autodiscover record. I moved the domain to another hosting provider and everything came right up.

For some reason, the newer O version of Outlook doesn't through the standard account sign-in that triggers the 2FA process. It's really annoying that they haven't integrated 2FA more tightly.

Have you tried Manually creating the user profile settings in Mail settings under control panel. And then configure the Advance settings when it fails and input your exchange details for the mail server, etc Log onto a different computer as the user and see if the problem follows the user.

Yes I've tried creating the account in control panel, can't add it via that either. It brings up a windows with autodiscover.

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Weirdly, credential manager has 2 things in there, I clear them out and open outlook same issue. After a restart the 2 credentials I removed are back Annoyingly it's a shared PC and I can only jump onto it at certain times.

This new guy is the only one using it that needs email, The only person before him that used email never had an issue.

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I'm able to log in with the administrator account, and connects fine.Just upgraded to Windows 10 and chose to use a local account when I set up this computer. Net result is that I am unable to sign into my Microsoft account through this method. Please tell me how to fix this. Can't switch from local account to Microsoft account? Cannot sign into Microsoft account in Windows 10 to use Cortana, Microsoft Store, or any other features?

Now this page will show some useful solutions to fix this issue. Many Windows 10 users cannot sign into Microsoft account and are stuck in the message "Something went wrong". The causes can be various. I sum up several available solutions you can try. If your internet is disconnected or the net speed is very slow at that moment when you are trying to sign in to Microsoft account, it is likely to become the reason why your Windows 10 cannot sign in Microsoft account. In this case, you have to diagnose your network connection and take a few more attempts until you can sign in successfully.

If that is not the network problem and still you cannot sign into Microsoft account in Windows 10 after many attempts, try the following solutions. Another reason why your Windows 10 cannot sign into Microsoft account is there may be an issue with your current user profile.

In this case, you can create a new local admin account. Step 1: Open Windows 10 Command Prompt as administrator. Step 3: Sign out your current account.

outlook something went wrong adding account

Then sign in Windows 10 with the newly added local admin account and then try to sign into switch to Microsoft account. One of the reasons why your Windows 10 cannot sign into Microsoft account is likely because Microsoft account sign-in assistance service is not turned on. Then type services. Step 2: The Services window opens.It started with Outlook that indicated that I had to enter a password, but when I clicked it a pop-up came that also disappeared immediately same pop-up as in the gif.

OneNote wouldn't log me on either so I uninstalled Microsoft Office and ran the octrremove. Something went wrong and Outlook couldn't set up your account. Please try again. I thought that the pop-up could be a browser that tried to authenticate so I've also made IE my default browser. It looks like Microsoft authenicating is bugged in my profile.

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What folder does Microsoft Office use to authenticate? Id like to re-name this folder. I had issues a little while ago with adding a microsoft account, it turned out the default user account was corrupt. That fixed my problems, might be worth a shot? I am getting the very same problem today. I turned off my computer on Friday, turned in on today and tried to read some e-mails but it did not start.

I have windows 10 installed on a macbook pro via bootcamp and had no problems for the past 2 years with outlook I uninstalled all office programs, re-installed again but it did not work. All applications work except outlook. I get the same 'something went wrong' issue when trying to setup my e-mail. Sign In.

Fix: Windows 10 Cannot Sign into Microsoft Account

Azure Dynamics Microsoft Power Platform. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Did you mean:.

Home : Office : Office : "Something wen't wrong" when trying to start Outlook. As well as all my generic credentials in the credential manager. I removed all my profiles, but now I cannot create a new profile.

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I can still not log on OneNote either! I keep getting this strange pop-up and than an error. See the Gif and screenshot for more information.

Can someone help me? This is getting quite annoying Something seems fishy. Labels: ProPlus. Tags: Outlook. Bas Wijdenes. I've re-named all Office folders in Roaming and Local, but no success. I can log on with a different profile, so something is messing it up for meNeed support for your remote team?

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outlook something went wrong adding account

Get Access. Log In. Web Dev. NET App Servers. We help IT Professionals succeed at work. Outlook - Something went wrong adding account. Medium Priority. Last Modified: Hi, When I try to add a new office account with outlook I get "Something went wrong and outlook couldn't setup your account" Please try again. If the problem continues, contact your email admistrator. No issues adding the same account. Which makes me think it is something locally wrong.

So how can I fix this? Thanks, Ward. Start Free Trial.

[FIX] Something Went Wrong And Outlook Couldn’t Set Up Your Account

View Solutions Only. Commented: Author Commented: Hi ITGuy, Thanks for your response but reading the powershell it looks like that is to create a new account on the back end - which my mailbox and user already exist on Office Plus when I ran the command it said I dont have permission.

Thanks for your response but reading the powershell it looks like that is to create a new account on the back end - which my mailbox and user already exist on Office Now I am confused.

Sorry for my unclear question - my fault. I was trying to run the outlook wizard for the first time and it was taking through the add account wizard when your first run outlook.

outlook something went wrong adding account

I have attached a graphic. As another bit on info strangely I can on the bad pc add the account with the inbuilt ms mail program.As soon as we added the registry key and rebooted, Outlook and the Credential Manager functioned correctly.

Applied it and it fixed the VPN issue and just for kicks tried the Outlook set up again and it went through immediately. Right Click, create new Dword 32bit Value, name it 'ProtectionPolicy' then edit it to the value of 1.

Solves the issue immediately, not restart required. Jason, thanks for posting this - I had one user having the same problem and the only thing that fixed it was clearing out all of the old Office stored credentials in the Windows Credential Manager. This also resolved my issue.

As others have mentioned, I too spent hours trying to figure out what the issue was and finally something that actually works! I've just setup 10 new Windows 10 laptops for my users. Its nice to use Outlook for offline work but this is so frustrating. None of the Office setups want to connect to their Office email.

Keeps saying "an encrypted connection to your mail server is not available". I've spent hours looking for a solution. Come on MS this should work! I feel its one arm of MS not talking to another. Who wins? I think the Cloud version is going to, that's the way its going - "always on". Unless someone has a definitive answer?

Classic Evolutions is an IT service provider. When you add a new Office account as part of the newer Outlook Account Wizard it asks if you want to add this account to the computer or something to that effect. Along with adding the credentials to control panel Credential Manager it also adds the account to the "Access Work or School" section as mentioned. Removing the account from there and trying to add the account to Outlook is what fixed the issue for me!

Hope that helps someone else. I spent hours on this uninstalling Office, setting registry keys, etc. However sometimes it is just easier and quicker to start a fresh profile. In our case the issue started when we turned on web hosting using cPanel. By default the cPanel application redirects the autodiscover request from Outlook and points it to your website domain rather than to the Office autodiscover. The fix is simple log into your cPanel management console and go to MX Settings.

If you have this issue it will indicate that your Autodiscover is getting bad information. In Control Panel, Mail Outlookdelete all profiles and close it.

Outlook doesn't query the SRV autodiscover record because the first attempts on https and http worked, just returned bogus results, thereby telling you "Something went wrong".

The SRV record is technically a fallback autodiscover method, and isn't used unless http and https requests fail. The registry hacks eliminate these discovery methods from the sequence thereby forcing Outlook to jump to the SRV record.

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This is a valid workaround, but the proper solution is to fix you configuration at the web hosting provider. Dan mentioned downloading a tool, but Microsoft now provides a great online tool to diagnose autodiscover here:. I tried the above tricks, disabling ipv6 and the registry trick. Uninstalling and reinstalling. Creating a new outlook profile This happened during a migration and turns out, I should've left the AppData folder in place.


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